Brick Mailbox Repairs

1. Common cracks: our repairs include the perfect color matching on bricks and mortar, if the brick its too cracked that will need to be replace, we will find the right or closes match and our team of experts will decorate and match it to the current color on sit. Color matching in the masonry restoration its highly important. 


2. Leaning Mailbox; most cases this issue happens when the mailbox was build on a poor or no concrete foundation, we can level and reinforced with  a concrete peer. There can be other reasons for leaning mailboxes, roots, flood, etc. 


3. Rusted Mailing Boxes: rain or just over time and  you are ready to replace a mailing box. In the replacement process its necessary to remove some of the bricks around the mailing box because the box will be attached to the mortar. 

Most common brick mailbox repairs

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Tired of getting your brick mailbox repair because it was easily destroyed? Strong brick its your next stop, we not only build beautiful brick mailboxes we build them strong. We build them on a strong concrete foundation reinforced with rebars and to make it even stronger we add an extra foot of solid concrete on the first rows of bricks.  We build brick and stone mailboxes as well as custom mailboxes, let us build your designed brick mailbox or we have some designs to choose from. We also can help you with your brick mailbox repairs; leaning mailbox, masonry cracks, rusted mailing box, powerwashing, staining, upgrades. Most brick mailbox repairs are completed in one day, our team of brick mailbox repair experts will be able to assist you with our great service from the first call.  Contact us at 832-943-2441 

We can build your next mailbox to your needs, brick mailbox, stone mailbox or a combination, we also build other customized mailboxes. We can match the current color on your house on brick and mortar or we can add any other color as permitted by your home association. Add a capstone to your brick mailbox, we have top capstones with flat or in a  peak surface and we also offer the custom stones that display street name or street number to make your brick mailbox unique. 

Strong Brick Repair

Brick mailbox repairs

Contact us today and and we will be glad to assist you, there is no cost for any estimate or consultation.