Strong Brick Repairs


Offering free brick restoration quotes in Houston and surrounding areas.  About to sell your house and want to repair the masonary cracks correctly, we have the right  materials to repair the cracks in a way where once the repair it's done you will not be able to find where the problem was, we offer the perfect brick and mortar color natch on all our brick restoration services.  We also replace old rusted metal lintels above the garage doors, windows and doors. If the cracked bricks need to be replace, we will find the perfect match or if bricks are discontinued we can do a brick decoration to match the current color and texture. Strong bricks has been in the brick restoration services for over a decade and we will be glad to assist you with your brick restoration needs. give us a call to meet with one of our brick restoration experts and lets get started with the repairs. 

Houston Brick Restoration Services...