Brick restoration or masonry restoration is all about giving renewed life to old, sagging and despairing structures and buildings. Everything grows old over time and requires re-work to make it look as good as new again. It is our pleasure to announce that we are in this industry for the love of beatifying and securing various structures around the city. Houston, the metropolitan of Texas is a city that houses magnificent structures.

Providing brick restoration services in Houston for the past 10 years, Strong Brick Repairs is fast gaining recognition for its fine work and excellent services. We are committed to providing brickwork that stands out and garners praises not only from our customers but even those whose’ eyes rest on it.

We offer our quality services to not only residential but also commercial property owners. We can work magic into all kinds of brickwork and stonework.

 Our masonry specialists can do:

  • Masonry repairs
  • Heritage restorations
  • Chimneys, mailboxes and pavers
  • Customized brick grills
  • Outdoor patios
  • Renovations

Good quality brickwork can be assessed as one that’s lasts the longest and this is our main concern. We do not want our work fading away. So keeping in line with our name we ensure resilience in our finished work. For this we have an experienced and dedicated workforce that can deal with any kind of masonry repair and installation. Our teams of professionals also take care in choosing only high grade material that works to ensure enduring structures.

Strong Brick Repair’s brick restoration in Houston consists of all kinds of masonry:

  • Brick installation: we will install bricks to any structure small or large.
  • Minor and major brick crack repairs: cracks can appear in even the smallest of masonry and if you may wish to consult experts for that we will provide you with not only repairs but further advice for your structures.
  • Stone and stucco repairs: not only bricks but also stone and stucco repairs and installation are part of our work.
  • Repairing any major damage to structures: major structural damage requires the most expertise and our teams are experts.
  • Brick cloning: brick cloning is important for finished work that looks good and does not ruin the overall effect thus the careful selection of the size, color and texture of all bricks.

Color matching: our deft workers match colors so effectively that they blend in evenly with the rest of the surface without showing any patches. This is done to prevent your property from looking unpleasant