Brick Whitewash in Huston

We restore the life and color withered away with time in dulled bricks with our Brick Whitewash services in Huston. When it is time to upgrade and change bricks a natural thought is to demolish them or cover them. However, and even better, viable and cheaper alternative is Strong Brick Repair’s Brick Whitewash Service in Huston. We not only provide you with a better alternative of Brick whitewashing but also good value for money. The Brick Whitewash amps up the old discolored brick as well as adding a vintage and retro theme to any wall. Our Brick Whitewash in Huston is guaranteed to add color to old brick walls by muting the brick’s discoloration with a translucent finish. Our experience and professional techniques will preserve the naturally random variations in the bricks while adding fresh color to it.

This procedure requires thorough cleaning of the dirty brick by using soap, boric acid, ammonia and Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). However, this cleaning is to be done with care followed by repairing the walls if there is any chipping or blistering of paint on the bricks. Any residual paint followed by repairs will be done if necessary to remove all traces of old paint in any form. Afterwards, the parameter around the wall will be secured so that the paint to be applied on the walls does not drip anywhere else, this is done by taping and by newspapers. Then the white paint will be applied according to the customer’s choice. The intensity of the white paint can be altered by making it more dilute. For people who want whiter walls the paint solution would not be diluted. For people who opt for lighter shades the paint would be diluted as per their requirement of the shade. Then this paint will be applied using spray bottles and paint brushes. The Brick Whitewash in Huston is affordable and flexible in terms of the shade of white used. The procedure elaborated above may look very easy to do at home but with our professional services no drips and a desirable outcome is guaranteed with good value for money and a refurbished brand new looking brick wall.