What causes chimney water leaks?

Chimney  leak






Strong brick repairs offers a free detail estimate on chimney  leak repairs. We will  inspect your flashing, bricks and mortar, and chimney caps. We will be able to identified the main cause of the chimney  leak with a full chimney leak water test and our experts will be able to fix the issue, most chimney leak repairs are completed in one day. If brick and mortar repairs are needed we will able to match colors and texture. We also offer customize chimney water chasers and chimney caps made of stainless steel for durability that will prevent the chimney water leak in the future. We are 100% sure that we will take care of  the chimney water leak that customers don't have to paid a nickel until they are satisfied and can prove that the  chimney water leak has been corrected. With over 10 years on the chimney  leak repairs we got you cover!

Chimney water leaks are caused by different factors and here we will explain the most common causes. Chimney water leaks can occur from a bad damage chimney cap, some caps will get rusted or will moved by heavy winds and heavy rain. Missing mortar or broken bricks, water will penetrate broken bricks and loose mortar-tuckpointing the damage areas with new mortar mixed with caulking and concrete adhesive to aloud the new mortar to stick to the old surface will take care of that issue, also a chimney water leak will be caused by a missing metal flashing or a bad seal on the flashing. Flashings are seal with a commercial sealant most used its the mp1. Flashing will need to be seal on all sides to be able to seal correctly the chimney water leak. Give us a call before any repairs for a full free water test that will detect where the water leak it’s coming from. We will be glad to assist you on your chimney water leak repair, we give one year free warranty. Stop the chimney water leak today and save tons of money before the chimney water leak destroys your home.